To College and Beyond

the truth


You know how we’re alwyas told: “you’re stronger than you think”, “you’re smarter than you think”? I’ve never fully realized that fact growing up but as of recent that mindset has been setting in for me. We go through highschool and we think “oh, school is so hard” and so on; but, yet we get through it. Your first job, no training, no exerpeince, nothing; it seems like the most daunting thing ever but once you work a couple of days you start to get a general feel of how the operation works.

I know that I’ve gotten to where I am now because I was able to ultimately grit it out. The same thing goes for life beyond highschool I’ve realized. There should be no real reason we should ever hold ourselves back. Progress comes with determination and effort regardless of who or where you are.

I’ve learned that in college one is able to look into different routes and interests that they find intersting or worthy of their effort. I think that understanding what works and what doesn’t work for yourself will be a major factor towards peace and success.

It can be challenging though, growing up we’re used to being told what to do and what to like. However, now I feel like I’m beginning to open up and I’m preparing to become the person I know I was always meant to be. The road will be long and yes, diffulcult, but it wouldn’t be worth doing if it didn’t take effort.

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