No Laughing Matter

12/14/2020 Happy holiday season everybody. I have offiically finished my first semester and what a joy ride that was. Today’s post might give off a much different tone and moon than the rest but that’s only because the topic I’ll be discussing should be relevant and important to everybody. To start with some context: aContinue reading “No Laughing Matter”

Such a Simple Task… or Is It?

12/9/2020 Huh, so it’s been exactly a week since I last posted… neat. In life, things can get confusing to say the least, there’s always so much going on around a person that their world may literally seem like it’s spinning. With so much to worry about, one wonders how somebody can expect another toContinue reading “Such a Simple Task… or Is It?”

To College and Beyond

11/30/2020 You know how we’re alwyas told: “you’re stronger than you think”, “you’re smarter than you think”? I’ve never fully realized that fact growing up but as of recent that mindset has been setting in for me. We go through highschool and we think “oh, school is so hard” and so on; but, yet weContinue reading “To College and Beyond”

Productivity I Guess

Howdy everybody, I’ve made it back to the wonderful city that is downton Atlanta… right, anyway I hope everyone had a great turkey day celebration. Times like those should be filled with good energy, people, and of course, food. Recently I’ve been dealing with the idea of prodcuctivity. I recently had a new change inContinue reading “Productivity I Guess”

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