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Too Much Thinking

07/11/22 For those who are reading my blog for the first time, and for those who haven’t checked the blog in a while: I started writing this page to take the journal entries that I write to myself and share them, without, (most,) of the personal details. I started handwriting my entries again after clearingContinue reading “Too Much Thinking”


No Laughing Matter

12/14/2020 Happy holiday season everybody. I have offiically finished my first semester and what a joy ride that was. Today’s post might give off a much different tone and moon than the rest but that’s only because the topic I’ll be discussing should be relevant and important to everybody. To start with some context: aContinue reading “No Laughing Matter”

Such a Simple Task… or Is It?

12/9/2020 Huh, so it’s been exactly a week since I last posted… neat. In life, things can get confusing to say the least, there’s always so much going on around a person that their world may literally seem like it’s spinning. With so much to worry about, one wonders how somebody can expect another toContinue reading “Such a Simple Task… or Is It?”

An Astronaut’s Guide to Self-Isolation

Originally posted on Discover WordPress:
Friday, May 1, is National Space Day in the US, a day dedicated to extraordinary achievements in the exploration of space. To mark the day, we’re sharing isolation advice from three-time space explorer and astronaut Chris Hadfield. Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space — a big…