Outside In


I need to be transparent with you guys for a second; as a writer, I tend to be pretty in touch with my thoughts and I possess the skill to transalte what my mind says into a cohesive piece of work. However, for the longest time I never really understood what it meant to keep in touch with the state of my own mental health; I never understood what it really meant to feel anxiety or feel depression because I would just ignore any signs of them occuring and just write it off as me being extra lazy or not being able to focus much that day. I’ve gotten better at recgonizing when I’m feeling a little extra down on a certain day and I can only go up from there right? The point I’m trying to make is this: the state of our minds and our emotional health will flucutuate; there will be great days but there could also be some not-so-great days. Do I have your attention yet?

In my personal experience at least, I’ve noticed that there are some days where I’ll let my mood slip and become a little more anxious or depressed that day; I won’t want to do anything because my motivation just simply doesn’t exist in those moments. While what I’m about to say may sound like I’m downplaying the severity of these feelings, trust me that’s the last thing I want for you all to take away from my explination and analysis. Okay so, I’ve learned and come to realize that mental health deficencies (for lack of a better term), are all a natural occurence in our minds and bodies; chemicals and hormones being thrown all out of whack resulting in a dramatic change in mood. I’ve also come to understand that there are many triggers that will result in the onset of these feelings that I so wish I could avoid.

Slight tone shift here, but while I and most of my targeted audience are still young (college students), we’re at a certain point where I think most of us are looking for something more. The games are changing a little bit and I believe the most natural thing to do would be to change with them. However, one manuver that gets my anxiety flaring is comparing myself to my peers. I think my actions are justifiable though: I only want the best for the people around me and sometimes I reflect on myself and what I’ve accomplished thus far (maybe sometimes too much.) Here’s the thing though: if you’re really close to these people, they’ll most likely feel the same way towards you and all that you’ve acheived at that certain point. They can’t reflect and make decsions for you though, that’s a you thing. Only the individual can choose what works for them.

Ready for a simple rule that may help: different goals require different paths. I think self-reflection should be more long term; meaning that if our analyses are focused more on what we each want out of life as a whole, than I think we could all spend a bit less time worrying about “how she got that internship” or “how he landed that job” and “I’m just sitting here” blah blah blah.

Our mental health and the way we approach certain situation are all a fact of life. Yeah, we can question these occurences and believe me I’ve tried. However, mental health has become one of those things where searching for an answer will only cause more feelings of anxiety and depression. Simply put, an answer doesn’t exist; not to me at least. If anybody feels as if they have an answer to why we tend to expereince these dispositions please, reach out to me. We could do a collab post.

I’ll leave you all with this: do your own thing and kill it. No matter what your heart desires in terms of satisfaction, do it. If you feel that fulfillment will be reached by following a certain path, take it because only you can make that decision. So, while I might not have understood what it meant to be in touch with my mental health for quite some time, I’m there now. There will be sorrow. Don’t let those days stop you. The worry and angst is only temporary; a simple roadblack on the path towards greatness. That’s what we’re all striving for right?

Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you’re ever looking for some advice or feel that you have advice for me, shoot me an email or send me a DM on social media. I’d love to chat with ya’ll. With that being said, make sure to kill this week! We’ve got this you guys!

Live Free


Now that I have a little bit more downtime with myself, I’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy to my own headpsace and my own physical and mental improvement (definetly a task I reccomend). Would you guys like to know the craziest part about that whole idea? I’d argue that taking the nesecarry steps towards improvement actually proves as a much easier task than just sitting there thinking about it. There are so many strategies out there and all you gotta do is pick one and role with it.

I’ve realized that getting trapped in your own head is actually a lot easier to do than I ever imagined. I guess I never really understood the impact or the importance of mental health and mental health awareness until I moved into my first year of undergrad. Unfortuntely, we are sensitive creatures that take maybe a little too much pride into our own image, our outlook and other’s preception of ourselves. Social media doesn’t lessen the burden of this issue by any means.

Seeing one of your peers’ posts about a major opportunity or project that they are choosing to embrak upon will result in the followers and other users taking a look at their own position and wondering “wow, they’re doing this and I’m doing that.” My point is that people will often use social media to compare themsleves to others and it’s just wrong. I know easier said than done: but don’t. Please, please don’t; we’re too preoccupied with our own stability and boundaries to worry about how good other people’s lives look compared to ours.

If you see a buddy of yours starting a new job, position, internship whatever the post may be, feel proud for them first of all. If you guys really have a connection than you would like to see them flourish just as much as they want to see you take the step to the next level. Next, use the potential feelings of jealousy or envy and turn them into a source of motivation; start a project of your own. Whatever the venture may turn into, make it productive and positive towards the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

I’ll leave you all with this: live the way you want to live. At the end of the day, nobody can tell you how you’re suppsoed to navigate this endless maze called life but yourself. Go out there, start something up for yourself that will take so much time that you won’t even have the urge to check the latest post of your friends;besides this one of course :).

Remember Me?


Hello everybody; yes, I am alive. Yes, I made it through my first year of my undergraduate education and if I had to put the feelings I have into one word, it would be: angst. However, angst in the sense that I’m constantly looking forward to what’s next in my life. This year has been a real ride for me. I lost people I cared about, and for a while (around the time I stopped posting) I was in a hole that I didn’t think was escapable.

the boys

However, in loss, I gained new friends and new opportunites. I became the head of engagement for a student run religous organization on campus and I took up a spot as DJ at Georgia State’s own radio station: Album 88.5 where I play music and let my voice be heard all throughout atlanta and Georgia State. I also became an interviewer for our sessions program where I’ve had many incredible chances to speak to artists from Atlanta and get the inside scoop of what the local music scene looks like; more posts about that to come.

Album 88, left on the dial and right on the music

Now if any of you are familair with my posts, you know that I do my best to tie in a message to all the jibberish I spit sometimes. So, what’s my message this time around you may ask? Well, it’s actually pretty cliche but I always say that something wouldn’t be labeled cliche if it wasn’t effective or usueful.

Time flies everybody. It really does. It really really really really does. I know that social media can allow us to compare ourselves to others, but don’t worry about how other people are using their time, worry about your own. Do something, anything, with your time and I promise everything will work out. If you had told me this in October I would’ve given some hopeless response about how nothing will ever workout but it does.

I titled this blog The Freshmen Experience of A Lifetime. However, I’m no longer a freshmen so I guess a new name is in the works (I’m taking suggestions). The theme of this space will be the same though: I’m going to practically vomit my thoughts into a cohesive piece of writing and there will be a lesson, obvious or not, somwwhere within each post.

Finnaly, I really apprecaite everybody who has followed this page and continues to support me because it’s one of the main reasons I’m still motivated to want to continue this effort. Just know that for the month of May I will have a lot more time on my hands so I’m hoping to get into a routine with these types of posts. My social media is linked in the “About” section of the blog so be sure to follow me there to stay in touch, cheers everybody!

The Key


Why is consistency important in web design? | Digital Communications team  blog

I can’t believe that they give college students a whole Month off for winter break. It’s been nice; I’m not complaining by any standard at all. However, I still continue to encounter the struggle of what to do with all my time.

I want to talk about consistency. Now, I feel like I’ve touched upon this topic in some of my other posts but I feel as if consitency deserves a post of its own.

No matter what you do or what your goals are, consistenly working at it will bring you closer and closer to sucees and mastery. How should one expect to succeed if they just sit on an idea all day? It won’t happen unless they take the progressive steps of forming the idea into a project, buisness plan, etc.

Just because our efforts require calculated steps of progress doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t provide ourselves with the luxury of realxation. We’re only doing a diservice to ourselves if we just keep going and going aimlessley. Our minds need the time to reflect on the daily exepreinces we go through in order to prepare ourselves for the next day and ultimatelt next step towards greatness.

If you commit to setting your mind on an idea or project, consitent actions must be taken in order to reach that goal; no matter what it is. Just don’t forget to let yourself recharge or that goal truly will never happen.

Should I or Should I Not?


Winter Break has been really nice. I went back to working in retail and I know that a lot of you won’t see that as a reason to enjoy my time but it gives me something else to do throughout the day and I can make a litte cash while doing it.

I want to talk about impulses; we all have them and some of us may respond to them more often than others. Impulses can either lead to really good decsions or really bad decsions. I saw a friend late at night when I had a 7 am shift the next day. Long story short I didn’t get to bed until around 3 and woke up at 6. However, instead of beating mysef up over the decsion, I lived and went on with the following day.

My point is that I’ve been learning to live by a “shoulda woulda coulda attitude.” There’s no point in stressing about the past because it’s just that; the past. Events that already happened can’t be changed or altered no matter how hard we try.

We all make choices and should live in the moment of those choices. The best thing we can do would be to adjust and adapt our thinking and behavior for how we carry ourselves in the future. Self evlauation can be gained from making certain choices. Instead of spening time thinking about what could’ve happened, we should learn from the choices we made in the past. Thinking constanlty about what could have happened won’t bring us to the next stage in our development as people; action will.

No Laughing Matter


How can we break the taboo of mental health in the workplace? | Training  Journal

Happy holiday season everybody. I have offiically finished my first semester and what a joy ride that was.

Today’s post might give off a much different tone and moon than the rest but that’s only because the topic I’ll be discussing should be relevant and important to everybody.

To start with some context: a content creator of mine that I enjoyed very much posted over the weekend that he plans to stop making videos. He wrote a whole passage about it and I won’t go into those details because it’s not my place to share.

The main point he made was that he had his own personal barriers and experiences that prevented further video creation. Something he expereinced or has been expereincing made him loose his touch for providing content for his audience.

The point I’ll make is this: mental health is no joke. Take a look around you next time you find yourselves in public. Think about the amount of people surrounding you that seem okay but really may not be. Check in on those you carea about, I don’t think some people really understand the impact they can have on someone’s life just by experssing their concern.

Such a Simple Task… or Is It?


Huh, so it’s been exactly a week since I last posted… neat.

In life, things can get confusing to say the least, there’s always so much going on around a person that their world may literally seem like it’s spinning. With so much to worry about, one wonders how somebody can expect another to go through this treacherous journey all alone.

There’s this concept of being ashamed to ask for help and if you ask me, I think it’s the most crazy thing I have ever heard. I’m sorry, just who was it that told you “you’re all alone so you might as well learn everything by yourself?” Nobody can get through everything alone.

While I do beleive that everybody should be taking a certain amount of initative for themselves; this doesn’t mean I beleive that we need to feel helpless in certain situations. College so far has taught me the importance of connections; the abillity to maintian a strong relationship with others.

Beleive it or not everybody, there are good people in the world who do want the best for you. However, they won’t know what’s going on if you aren’t able to reach out and communicate what you might be feeling. I strongly beleive this lesson can be applied to any situation, no matter the scale of the outcomes. So, I’ll leave you all with this: never push your concerns to the background; you are worth the help and your concerns are valid. All you need to do is speak up.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Self-Isolation

A more professional take on what I’m going through I think.

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Friday, May 1, is National Space Day in the US, a day dedicated to extraordinary achievements in the exploration of space. To mark the day, we’re sharing isolation advice from three-time space explorer and astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space — a big leap from growing up on a corn farm in Ontario. Enrolling in the air cadets, he worked his way up through the Royal Canadian Air Force, becoming an experimental test pilot and flying over 70 types of aircraft. In 1995, he rode his first rocket. He flew again in 2001, installing Canadarm2, a 17-meter robotic arm attached to the International Space Station. He served as NASA’s Chief of Robotics in Houston, and Director of Operations for NASA’s operation in Russia, before eventually going on to pilot a Russian Soyuz and become the first Canadian commander of the Space Station.

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An Update


This one’s a little more on the personal side but here we go.

So I’ve made it to December; The first semester is coming to a close and my head has never spun this fast before. I’ve learned a lot about myself these last couple of months and I’ve realized that I’m going through some major changes (yes pun intended).

I’ve been thinking about what I’m into and what I’m good at and I’ve been engaging in activites that will promote these interests. This blog serves as the primairy example of that. I’ve also been trying to learn more about video editing; I did it for fun a lot in highschool but only really learned the basics of whatever software I was using (Imovie but shhh). I currently only have Davinci Resolve, because it’s free but there’s still a lot more to learn in the advanced settings that I’m excited to check out and play around with.

I’ ve also been wrestling with the thought of my academic future and beyond. I think I’m going to change my major for the first and hopefully only time; another topic to add to my already huge mental list of what’s keeping me busy. There’s a lot to cosnider: the pre-reqs I need, how my credit hours will lignn up, all that fun stuff. I’m proud of myself for getting this far though and beginning to acknowlege and puruse what I love to do on my own time.

It can be rough when life catches up to you. It really took me back and made me re-evalute a lot about myself and how I want to carry myself going forward. I know that time is on my side however, and there’s only one direction to go from here: forward.

To College and Beyond

the truth


You know how we’re alwyas told: “you’re stronger than you think”, “you’re smarter than you think”? I’ve never fully realized that fact growing up but as of recent that mindset has been setting in for me. We go through highschool and we think “oh, school is so hard” and so on; but, yet we get through it. Your first job, no training, no exerpeince, nothing; it seems like the most daunting thing ever but once you work a couple of days you start to get a general feel of how the operation works.

I know that I’ve gotten to where I am now because I was able to ultimately grit it out. The same thing goes for life beyond highschool I’ve realized. There should be no real reason we should ever hold ourselves back. Progress comes with determination and effort regardless of who or where you are.

I’ve learned that in college one is able to look into different routes and interests that they find intersting or worthy of their effort. I think that understanding what works and what doesn’t work for yourself will be a major factor towards peace and success.

It can be challenging though, growing up we’re used to being told what to do and what to like. However, now I feel like I’m beginning to open up and I’m preparing to become the person I know I was always meant to be. The road will be long and yes, diffulcult, but it wouldn’t be worth doing if it didn’t take effort.

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