An Update


This one’s a little more on the personal side but here we go.

So I’ve made it to December; The first semester is coming to a close and my head has never spun this fast before. I’ve learned a lot about myself these last couple of months and I’ve realized that I’m going through some major changes (yes pun intended).

I’ve been thinking about what I’m into and what I’m good at and I’ve been engaging in activites that will promote these interests. This blog serves as the primairy example of that. I’ve also been trying to learn more about video editing; I did it for fun a lot in highschool but only really learned the basics of whatever software I was using (Imovie but shhh). I currently only have Davinci Resolve, because it’s free but there’s still a lot more to learn in the advanced settings that I’m excited to check out and play around with.

I’ ve also been wrestling with the thought of my academic future and beyond. I think I’m going to change my major for the first and hopefully only time; another topic to add to my already huge mental list of what’s keeping me busy. There’s a lot to cosnider: the pre-reqs I need, how my credit hours will lignn up, all that fun stuff. I’m proud of myself for getting this far though and beginning to acknowlege and puruse what I love to do on my own time.

It can be rough when life catches up to you. It really took me back and made me re-evalute a lot about myself and how I want to carry myself going forward. I know that time is on my side however, and there’s only one direction to go from here: forward.

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