Progression To Excellence


Hello all, it’s me; still needing to check my phone to make sure that the date I input for these posts accurate. There’s a lot going on all the time and everywhere you turn, the expereince has been very intimidating at first. I’m getting used to the concept that life doesn’t remain static and I’ve been taking personal steps to maintain a leveled head on this joy ride.

That brings me to the point: I’ve learned that progression means everything. The idea that goals or outcomes require multipule steps, trials and, most imporantl of all: patience.

The current times are rough for everybody. But trust in yourself, and keep in mind that the ventures we want to pursue will take time to reach and obtain. Don’t get caught up in figuring everything out in one go because no matter how you try, trust me, it just won’t work.

Find something to entertain and occupy yourself. I’ve found that with higher education beginning mostly virtual, there has been a lot of free time spared. Don’t just sit on your hands if you know what I mean. Pick up a book, go for a walk, call a friend, buy a stock; whatever it may be, just try to make it productive. It’s the little things that matter and the steps we take now to better oursevles for what’s to come will pay off.

Space and Time


So I felt really good about writing today and I went back to look over the entries I’ve done already and get this: I put the wrong date. I entered yesterday’s date into my post this morning and after looking back all I could feel was embarrased.

Ever since the pandemic hit life has felt pretty… still. Things have improved since I’ve gone to college but more often than not I find myself stuck in a ground hog day type situation. Specifically, the days just seem to blend in, one day seeming completely irrelevent in terms of how each day is spent.

I think a super important lesson for everybody would be to live in the moment. This doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye to the unknown but rather we should strive to find the balance. I guess you could say I’m trying to find an easy method of saying “don’t forget about where you are in space and time.” I beleive that getting caught up in life can steer us away from paying attention to what the day is but each day and moment we spend should be special and ejoyable.

I don’t want to let life pass me by and that’s one of the reasons I strarted this blog in the first place. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and rememeber to make everything you do count.

The Rise of Communication Tech


Good morning everybody. I find myself on this day in my childhood home that contains nothing but fond memories. I always enjoyed being surrounded by family and now it’s more important to me than ever really. I’m still wrapping my head around first semester of my freshmen year almost being over and how much I’ve learned not only about myself but the larger community around me.

Anyways, today I’d like to fous on the rise of the telecommunication market. Virtual communication was already becoming a growing trend prior to the pandemic. Comapnies such as Zoom, Slack and of course, Microsoft have seen huge growth do the fact that they provide efficent vritual communication platforms. I think it’s a fair assumption to say that remote work thanks to technology will become the future of communication.

Ya know, being a first year student during the rise of these virtual platforms has been a… intersting experience to say the least. I had to finish senior year of highschool remotely so I’m no longer a stranger to these companies and the service they provide. However, I find that learning from a screen doesn’t work as well for me as I’d like it too. Being taught in a remote setting has made me appreaicte human interraction more than I already did prior; I’ve always been a fan of professional instruction in a classroom environment and some of the courses I’ve taken so far have not had these features.

It’s one thing to attend virtual lectures, at least somebody will be talking. However, courses that have gone asynchronus are a personal nightmare. I’ve realzied that the student must teach themselves essentially without the presence (even digital) of a professor.

All in all though, digital communication could provide a better work-life balance for employees who take the virtual route. A study done by the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Northwestern Univeristy foind that “those who work from home are less stressed and more productive than those who work a 9-to-5 job out of the home.” On the busisness side of things, companies no longer need to pay for much office space, depending on the amount of candidates that perfer to work at home.

On the other hand, human interaction will and has been missed by employees. Reports of diffulculty in maintaining motivation are very common. On the busisness side, many companies are loosing the feature of on the spot brainstorming for project ideas. At the same time, office morale has been lower due to the ratio of workers (virutal and physical) companies have decided to initiate.

Time will only tell where we’ll be and the world will look like in the next couple of years. I hope you all have the same amount of nervous excitement that I do as we cotinue our journey into the rising virutal world we’ve all found ourselves residing in.

Here are the sources I used for my research:

A guy named Henry

Hello one in all and welcome to this grand venture that I’ve decided to give a try. I’m a college freshmen at Georgia State Univeristy (go panthers)! Content creation has always been something that fascinates me and I picked up a nack and appreciation for english and writing in highschool.

I’m starting this blog because I feel as if it will push my fondness for writing in a more producutive direction.I’m currently working on discovering myself and where my interests truly are and I feel as if writing and creating on a larger scale will be an important factor in navigating my future. You can only do so much by writing to yourself so I want to develop an audience that can relate to the thoughts and situations that I’ll find myself as I navigate college and who can also provide feedback on the craft and life overall.

I think my entries will go somewhere along the lines of a stream of consciousness mixed with a larger message. I want to make the topics that I encounter more general due to the large presence of an audience.

I hope to encounter many other like minded individuals as I start this journey. Those who are like minded and will provide nothing but support and motivation. I’d like to work in the media industry and connections are a very big factor of that. The more faces and online interactions the better when navigating life. I hope to further my literacy skills and connection skills as I put my name out into the world.

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