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Now that I have a little bit more downtime with myself, I’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy to my own headpsace and my own physical and mental improvement (definetly a task I reccomend). Would you guys like to know the craziest part about that whole idea? I’d argue that taking the nesecarry steps towards improvement actually proves as a much easier task than just sitting there thinking about it. There are so many strategies out there and all you gotta do is pick one and role with it.

I’ve realized that getting trapped in your own head is actually a lot easier to do than I ever imagined. I guess I never really understood the impact or the importance of mental health and mental health awareness until I moved into my first year of undergrad. Unfortuntely, we are sensitive creatures that take maybe a little too much pride into our own image, our outlook and other’s preception of ourselves. Social media doesn’t lessen the burden of this issue by any means.

Seeing one of your peers’ posts about a major opportunity or project that they are choosing to embrak upon will result in the followers and other users taking a look at their own position and wondering “wow, they’re doing this and I’m doing that.” My point is that people will often use social media to compare themsleves to others and it’s just wrong. I know easier said than done: but don’t. Please, please don’t; we’re too preoccupied with our own stability and boundaries to worry about how good other people’s lives look compared to ours.

If you see a buddy of yours starting a new job, position, internship whatever the post may be, feel proud for them first of all. If you guys really have a connection than you would like to see them flourish just as much as they want to see you take the step to the next level. Next, use the potential feelings of jealousy or envy and turn them into a source of motivation; start a project of your own. Whatever the venture may turn into, make it productive and positive towards the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

I’ll leave you all with this: live the way you want to live. At the end of the day, nobody can tell you how you’re suppsoed to navigate this endless maze called life but yourself. Go out there, start something up for yourself that will take so much time that you won’t even have the urge to check the latest post of your friends;besides this one of course :).


Published by Henry Hyman

Hello all. My name is Henry Hyman; I am an incoming second-year student at Georgia State Univeristy. I work in engagement for Hillel at GSU: a student-run Jewish organization that provides an open space for all students willing to come and learn about the Jewish faith and culture. I also serve as a member of GSU's student-run radio station, Album 88.5. I get behind the mic once a week and have the chance to spread my voice to Atlanta and Georgia State. I'm taking over as coordinator for our sessions program where we host local artists and get the full scoop of what the Atlatna music scene has to offer. Besides my professional life, I love to kick back with friends and listen to music. I played basketball in high school and love the sport as a hobby. I'm a huge Nintendo activist, playing games such as Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. I play kendama, (yes, the ball on the stick) and love to write (if you couldn't tell). I hope you all get a chance to share my journey through higher education as I recount my daily experiences and provide some insight on how to live life as a college student. Also, be sure to stay in touch with me on social media!

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