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No Laughing Matter


How can we break the taboo of mental health in the workplace? | Training  Journal

Happy holiday season everybody. I have offiically finished my first semester and what a joy ride that was.

Today’s post might give off a much different tone and moon than the rest but that’s only because the topic I’ll be discussing should be relevant and important to everybody.

To start with some context: a content creator of mine that I enjoyed very much posted over the weekend that he plans to stop making videos. He wrote a whole passage about it and I won’t go into those details because it’s not my place to share.

The main point he made was that he had his own personal barriers and experiences that prevented further video creation. Something he expereinced or has been expereincing made him loose his touch for providing content for his audience.

The point I’ll make is this: mental health is no joke. Take a look around you next time you find yourselves in public. Think about the amount of people surrounding you that seem okay but really may not be. Check in on those you carea about, I don’t think some people really understand the impact they can have on someone’s life just by experssing their concern.


Published by Henry Hyman

Hello all. My name is Henry Hyman; I am an incoming second-year student at Georgia State Univeristy. I work in engagement for Hillel at GSU: a student-run Jewish organization that provides an open space for all students willing to come and learn about the Jewish faith and culture. I also serve as a member of GSU's student-run radio station, Album 88.5. I get behind the mic once a week and have the chance to spread my voice to Atlanta and Georgia State. I'm taking over as coordinator for our sessions program where we host local artists and get the full scoop of what the Atlatna music scene has to offer. Besides my professional life, I love to kick back with friends and listen to music. I played basketball in high school and love the sport as a hobby. I'm a huge Nintendo activist, playing games such as Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. I play kendama, (yes, the ball on the stick) and love to write (if you couldn't tell). I hope you all get a chance to share my journey through higher education as I recount my daily experiences and provide some insight on how to live life as a college student. Also, be sure to stay in touch with me on social media!

2 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter

  1. Hey Henry! So fun to meet you lady night at the Sharfstein’s and learn about your blog! Good stuff! PS if you ever want to talk about mental health for collage students that is my JAM! Maybe we can collaborate and do a write up for Hillel or even something on 88.5 🙂 be in touch!


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