Such a Simple Task… or Is It?


Huh, so it’s been exactly a week since I last posted… neat.

In life, things can get confusing to say the least, there’s always so much going on around a person that their world may literally seem like it’s spinning. With so much to worry about, one wonders how somebody can expect another to go through this treacherous journey all alone.

There’s this concept of being ashamed to ask for help and if you ask me, I think it’s the most crazy thing I have ever heard. I’m sorry, just who was it that told you “you’re all alone so you might as well learn everything by yourself?” Nobody can get through everything alone.

While I do beleive that everybody should be taking a certain amount of initative for themselves; this doesn’t mean I beleive that we need to feel helpless in certain situations. College so far has taught me the importance of connections; the abillity to maintian a strong relationship with others.

Beleive it or not everybody, there are good people in the world who do want the best for you. However, they won’t know what’s going on if you aren’t able to reach out and communicate what you might be feeling. I strongly beleive this lesson can be applied to any situation, no matter the scale of the outcomes. So, I’ll leave you all with this: never push your concerns to the background; you are worth the help and your concerns are valid. All you need to do is speak up.

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