Productivity I Guess


Howdy everybody, I’ve made it back to the wonderful city that is downton Atlanta… right, anyway I hope everyone had a great turkey day celebration. Times like those should be filled with good energy, people, and of course, food.

Recently I’ve been dealing with the idea of prodcuctivity. I recently had a new change in my perspective and while I know that first semester hasn’t even ended yet, I’ve begun to wonder how I want to fill my time and what I want to make of myself… isn’t that what we go to college for?

I think right now is a crucial time for having these thoughts, it serves as motivation to get more invovled with where I go to school and explore what’s offered. This time should be about finding the things that will eventually lead to that ultimate goal that you may or may not have.

I’ve been trying to keep my mind going, fill it with things that I deem to be “productive”. That way, I’m set on a decent track to whatever it may be later on. It all goes back to that balance I seek: of living in the present and thinking about the future. I’ve got a couple of opportunities coming up that I’m very excited to explore as I continue on the path to finding myself.

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