Progression To Excellence


Hello all, it’s me; still needing to check my phone to make sure that the date I input for these posts accurate. There’s a lot going on all the time and everywhere you turn, the expereince has been very intimidating at first. I’m getting used to the concept that life doesn’t remain static and I’ve been taking personal steps to maintain a leveled head on this joy ride.

That brings me to the point: I’ve learned that progression means everything. The idea that goals or outcomes require multipule steps, trials and, most imporantl of all: patience.

The current times are rough for everybody. But trust in yourself, and keep in mind that the ventures we want to pursue will take time to reach and obtain. Don’t get caught up in figuring everything out in one go because no matter how you try, trust me, it just won’t work.

Find something to entertain and occupy yourself. I’ve found that with higher education beginning mostly virtual, there has been a lot of free time spared. Don’t just sit on your hands if you know what I mean. Pick up a book, go for a walk, call a friend, buy a stock; whatever it may be, just try to make it productive. It’s the little things that matter and the steps we take now to better oursevles for what’s to come will pay off.

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