A guy named Henry

Hello one in all and welcome to this grand venture that I’ve decided to give a try. I’m a college freshmen at Georgia State Univeristy (go panthers)! Content creation has always been something that fascinates me and I picked up a nack and appreciation for english and writing in highschool.

I’m starting this blog because I feel as if it will push my fondness for writing in a more producutive direction.I’m currently working on discovering myself and where my interests truly are and I feel as if writing and creating on a larger scale will be an important factor in navigating my future. You can only do so much by writing to yourself so I want to develop an audience that can relate to the thoughts and situations that I’ll find myself as I navigate college and who can also provide feedback on the craft and life overall.

I think my entries will go somewhere along the lines of a stream of consciousness mixed with a larger message. I want to make the topics that I encounter more general due to the large presence of an audience.

I hope to encounter many other like minded individuals as I start this journey. Those who are like minded and will provide nothing but support and motivation. I’d like to work in the media industry and connections are a very big factor of that. The more faces and online interactions the better when navigating life. I hope to further my literacy skills and connection skills as I put my name out into the world.

Published by Henry Hyman

Hello all. My name is Henry Hyman; I am an incoming second-year student at Georgia State Univeristy. I work in engagement for Hillel at GSU: a student-run Jewish organization that provides an open space for all students willing to come and learn about the Jewish faith and culture. I also serve as a member of GSU's student-run radio station, Album 88.5. I get behind the mic once a week and have the chance to spread my voice to Atlanta and Georgia State. I'm taking over as coordinator for our sessions program where we host local artists and get the full scoop of what the Atlatna music scene has to offer. Besides my professional life, I love to kick back with friends and listen to music. I played basketball in high school and love the sport as a hobby. I'm a huge Nintendo activist, playing games such as Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. I play kendama, (yes, the ball on the stick) and love to write (if you couldn't tell). I hope you all get a chance to share my journey through higher education as I recount my daily experiences and provide some insight on how to live life as a college student. Also, be sure to stay in touch with me on social media!

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